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Who We Are

A Local Family of Faith in the Reformed Tradition

We are a family in Christ, called together by the Holy Spirit, to serve God in our community. We are placed here to worship, to nurture and serve, all to make the joyous life in Jesus Christ more accessible to our neighbors.

For over 150 years, we have been serving God and our community. We welcome you to become a part of our Faith Family.

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What We Believe

The Reformed Church in America (RCA) is the oldest Protestant denomination in the United States. Its first ministry began in 1628 in what was New Amsterdam (now New York). The RCA has its roots in the Reformation, which swept Europe in the 1500’s.

Our worship, liturgy and church government are in the Presbyterian family of churches. We are bible-based (the Old and New Testament scriptures guide our faith and practice) and Christ-centered (Jesus Christ is the head of the church and the only way to salvation). We follow Christ in mission seeking for wholeness and healing as we seek to minister to those hurting and in need. 

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Our Story

On June 1, 1866, an application was applied for to form a new church in Clinton Station, New Jersey.  On June 28 of that year, Reverend Robert Van Amburgh presided at a meeting at the town hall for nominating officers for the new church, which consisted of 4 officers and their wives.  Services were held in private homes, or in the Town Hall, which has since been torn down. The church was called the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Clinton Station.

In May of 1868, land was purchased from Theodore H. Rider to build the church edifice. The architectural plan was drawn up by John Cole and the cornerstone was laid on August 6, 1868. Construction was completed in five months.    

Clinton Station was renamed Annandale in 1871. In February of 1887, the legal name of the church was changed to Annandale Reformed Church.

On August 1, 2017, J. Rick Brock was hired as Minister of Faith Family Life while he attends New Brunswick Theological Seminary. 

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