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We have opportunities for you to be ministered to and to minister to others. We have something for everyone: Adults, Teens, and Children. Get involved today!


Buildings & Grounds Ministry

We maintain our historic building and property!  There are projects that we can do "in house" and some which are contracted out.  We are the team that works with those who can do what we can't do.


Congregational Care Ministry

We are concerned with keeping our faith family well connected and cared for.  This happens through creating relationships, opportunities for strengthening relationships, and garnering physical help when needed.  


Education Ministry

Our ministry oversees all things related to Christian education.  This includes planning and preparation of Sunday School, Bible Study, Youth Group, Children's Church, and nursery.

Missions Ministry

Our ministry in concerned with spreading God's love outside of the church by assisting various organizations, giving focus to one each month.  Our growing commitment to help those in need is seen in our ever growing donations to the local food pantry.  This concern inspires the donation of hundreds to thousands of pounds of food each year.


Worship Ministry

Our Worship Ministry meets monthly regarding our Sunday Morning Worship Service.  We review and plan our worship time together, seeking to remove distractions, add focus, and participation, all to honor God.


Outreach & Hospitality Ministry

The Outreach and Hospitality Ministry has a two-fold mission.  We work to connect the community with the church through various activities and work to make the overall church experience attractive to all age groups.

Stewardship & Finance Ministry

Our finance ministry manages the church's financial assets and provides periodic reporting to both the leadership and the congregation.

Ministries: Programs
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