Our Team

Our team consists of the Minister of Faith Family Life, and a Board of Deacons and a Board of Elders. The Board of Deacons and Board of Elders make up Consistory. Deacons and Elders are elected by the congregation to serve God and the congregation.

Rick Brock

Minister of Faith Family Life

Serving the faith family since August 2017.
Rick is a 2001 University of Valley Forge Graduate with Bachelor Degree in Bible, majoring in Pastoral Ministry.  Since graduation, he has ministered in multiple settings and has served in various professional and volunteer roles. 
Having previously ministered to the youth of Annandale Reformed church in 2007-2011, he has been invited back to serve the Faith Family while continuing his education at New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

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Craig Hughes

Music Minister

Craig is a Montclair University graduate with thirty years of teaching instrumental music in the public school. He is a church music veteran with over twenty-five years of leadership at Annandale Reformed Church.  Craig has been “instrumental” in introducing the church to a blended worship style and loves to worship.

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Board of Deacons

The Greek word in the Bible for deacon, diakonos, means servant. Deacon splay a key role in moving the church into missions of justice, mercy, and compassion.

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Jenny Cesare

Rick Lebbing

Sandy Pill

Peg Weightman


Board of Elders

Elders are responsible for sound teaching and discipline within the church, and for the spiritual well-being of the congregation. They are called to ensure that members of the church are nurtured through Scripture, worship, the sacraments, and prayer.

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Lynn Hughes

Lorraine Sannazzaro